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    Hello everyone! As of today we have roCORD, wich is a system that allows bi-directional chat ingame with a Discord channel. This mean you can chat in a Discord Channel with someone ingame and vice versa! Enjoy! ps More info on usage is found on the Info section. View the full article View the full article
  2. Hello everyone! We would like to announce that our Master Account System is functioning! How does this work ? Visit our website , Sign up for an account. ( This is your Master Account ) On the website goto My Account, and add a Sub User, this requires to fill in a Account Name, and a Password. ( This can be whatever you like it to be ) This Sub User will be the Account to login the game! Enjoy!
  3. Seraphiel

    New Patcher

    As of a few weeks ago 😅 we have a new patcher design.
  4. Dear Members, We are nearing the completion of our website ; https://hiwa-ro.com Enjoy it! and we'll keep you updated!
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    Events Posting

    New Events will be posted on this end of the Forum.
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